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Types of Dexter-Russell Grinds and Edges

As important as quality materials and proper heat treatment are, proper edge geometry is crucial to the manufacture of professional quality cutlery. Precision grinding creates the proper edge profile for the task at hand with accuracy and consistency.

Basic Knives and their uses

Although some knives such as the French cook’s knife and cook’s style paring knife are versatile tools in every kitchen, there are certain tasks that call for specialty knives. With the broadest product line available, you can be sure that Dexter-Russell has the right knife for every kitchen task. Following is a list of the basic kitchen knives and their uses.

How to use a Mat Cutter

The Dexter Mat Cutter eliminates the problems of cutting mats with uncertainty, leaving ragged and untidy edges. Anyone can use it efficiently with very little practice. You can cut a straight or bevel edge with absolute accuracy and give your mat that professional look. It’s easy and safe to use saving a great deal of time, money, and effort.

How to use a sharpening steel

Sharpening systems for the edge you need. Rely on the experts in edges for all of your sharpening needs. For quick edge touch-ups and restoring factory edges, Dexter gives you the solution. Each sharpening solution is designed to give you the edge you need quickly to excel in today’s demanding and fast paced food service industry. Made in USA.

Product Categories

Dexter-Russell has the broadest product line available. With over 2,000 products, you can be sure that Dexter-Russell has the right knife for every kitchen task. Dexter-Russell is your true one-stop shop.

Japanese Chef’s Knives

Traditional blade patterns and razor sharp edges blend to create tools to enhance the look and flavor of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Material and Construction

The keys to Dexter quality lie in our steel, heat-treatment of that steel, blade geometry, and our ultimate sharp edges.

Sales Policies

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Processing encompasses a broad spectrum of industries, all of which Dexter-Russell participates in at the top levels. Dexter has a wide variety of items which are used in the Poultry, Pork, Red Meat, Commercial Fishing, and Fish Processing industries as well as in the Industrial Hand Tool market.

Knife Guards

Side Guard Protects the fingers along the side of the handle.  Bottom Guard Protects the fingers along the bottom of the handle and stops the knife from pinching fingers between the knife handle and the cutting surface. Combination Guard Protects the fingers along the side and bottom of the handle.

Care of Knives

Every Dexter product is designed to exceed the performance expectations of the end user. Each product is individually heat treated, and given the blade and edge geometry that has been perfected for the task at hand. From knives and turners to sandwich spreaders and spatulas, the professional user is always the focus of our efforts.