Japanese Chef’s Knives

Traditional blade patterns and razor sharp edges blend to create tools to enhance the look and flavor of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Sashimi Knife

Sashimi knives are used to prepare sashimi.  They are very strong and slender, usually with 7″ to 15″ blades.  

Deba Knife

Deba knives are heavy knives primarily used for fish fillet preparation, cutting meat and chopping hard vegetables.  Blades are usually 7″ to 12″ long and have a curved spine.  

Nakiri Knife

The nakiri knife is used for slicing and chopping vegetables.  Both the spine and edge are straight, making them resemble cleavers. 

Santoku Knife

Santoku means “Three Good Things”. For slicing fish, meat, and vegetables. This knife is the Japanese version of the chef’s or cook’s knife.