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Dexter-Russell®, the experts in edges since 1818, offers all of the necessary tools to outfit enthusiasts in the hunting and fishing world. Choose the right tool, blade shape, edge configuration, and handle type to help process your catch. Each cutting edge will be sharp out of the box, long-lasting, easy to restore, and proudly made in the USA. Sharpening and storage solutions are also available to keep your Dexter knives sharp, protected, and ready to do the job.

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  1. 6 inch narrow curved boning knife

    Product No. SG131-6-PCP

    Item No. 24003

  2. 6 inch nar. curved boning knife, black handle

    Product No. SG131-6B-PCP

    Item No. 24003B

  3. 6 inch wide boning knife

    Product No. SG136-PCP

    Item No. 24013

  4. 6 inch wide boning knife, black handle

    Product No. SG136B-PCP

    Item No. 24013B

  5. 6 inch narrow boning knife

    Product No. SG136N-PCP

    Item No. 24023

  6. 6 inch narrow boning knife, black handle

    Product No. SG136NB-PCP

    Item No. 24023B

  7. 6 inch flexible boning knife

    Product No. SG136F-PCP

    Item No. 24033

  8. 6 inch flexible boning knife, black handle

    Product No. SG136FB-PCP

    Item No. 24033B

  9. 7 1/2 inch flexible trimming knife, black handle

    Product No. SG114FB

    Item No. 24043B

  10. 8 inch breaking knife

    Product No. SG132N-8-PCP

    Item No. 24053